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Refinishing Gym Floors

Gym Floor Refinishing

Experts at Resurface/Refinishing Gym Floors

Hardwood floor refinishing will make your gym floor look new again. Our experts at refinishing gym floors are here to help you.

Line Painting Services for Gym Floors

Rush Rapidly offers logo and gym line painting installation services. We know the right ways to paint game lines. Your school will shine with a brand-new logo and custom game lines.

A-1 Product Applied: Sport Kote 128 PC Gym Finish

When we resurface/refinish gym floors It is an All Inclusive Job. It includes Moderate Peeling Repair, Touch Up, and ECT. Our process could save you $30,000 to $40,000 Dollars. This process saves you from a belt sanding job or even worse, Floor Replacement.

  • Sport Kote 128sf is recommended by Maple Flooring Assoc and UL Classified.
  • VOC Compliant – Safe Product
  • All Labor and Materials Included. All Work is Guaranteed.  The Job Last.
  • Our Sport Kote 128SF Finish Dries Fast! This means; We can work within your time schedule.
  • Some repairs, touchups, and feathering of prior peeling are included in this job.
  • Cost Effective Because of No Fumes! No Fire Hazard! No Dust and Mess! No Waiting 72 Hours. Play on the floor the very next day!
  • Outstanding Gloss Without Yellowing.
Our job entails

TriplePrep, Tack Clean, and Refinish Your Gym Floors Using Essential Sport Kote 128SF Gym Finish.

We will Screen Disk Bad Areas

Completely Prep Floor With Side To Side Machine and Abrasive Razorback Pads.

We Will Then Go Over the Entire Floor With Auto Machine and Razorback Pads. Floor Will Not At Any Time Be Saturated!

Thorough Tack Cleaning of the Entire Floor


2 COATS Essential Sport Kote 128SF Finish Will Then Be Applied and Given Sufficient Time To Dry Between Coats. (Product Durable! Contains Poly-Carbonate, the Same product as in bulletproof glass).

Cost of Gym Refinish

Cost is Negotiable according to the number of gyms

Even When a Gym Floor Needs To Be Completely Belt Sanded and Refurbished, We Will Make At Least an 810% Improvement! Finish Applied Will Bond Without Buildup! The result is Improvement In the Condition Of the Gym Floor Every Year!

Job Will Be Unconditionally guaranteed to Last 18 Months under normal wear!

*Job price does not include heavy sanding, repainting of lines, logos, taping, decal work, extensive peeling repair + 20 areas, etc. We are fully capable of helping you with this at an additional charge.

Do you need information how to handle a spill, repair or general maintenance? Contact Rush Enterprises to speak with a team member about your gym flooring needs.
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Professional Gym Floor Resurfacing Services That Will Help Your Organization Save Money.

Specializing in College and
High School Gym Refinishing

Glenville State University-WV
Gym floor refinishing.
Gym floor refinishing.

Permanently hone and restore concrete, terrazzo, and marble floors.  This team is proficient at making stone floors look great!

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restore concrete, terrazzo, marble floors
Rush Rapidly, restore concrete, terrazzo, marble floors
Value Added Performance Products

Gym Floor Care Cleaning Products

aztec, floor scrubber, Floor Cleaning Equipment

Aztec ProScrub Auto Scrubber

Aztec ProScrub Auto Scrubber:  Its superior pad pressure, long runtime, and easy maintenance make this machine that we use ourselves a smart, economical choice!  We guarantee it.

Delivery of Unit Complete with Pad Driver and Batteries.

Wet scrub and dry vacuum in one pass. The brush-driven ProScrub is inexpensive to purchase and maintain. Fast and efficient, it’s very user-friendly. The 24-volt system delivers approximately 3 hours of run time when fully charged.

Sport Kote 128SF, Sport Kote, Floor Finish, rush rapidly, wax, 5 gallon, sport kote pc 128sf gallon cases

Water-Based Urethane Wood Finish

  • Incorporates revolutionary polycarbonate technology, offering increased depth, extended gloss, and extreme durability.
  • Long-lasting ultra-high gloss
  • Adheres to any sound gym floor coating

The product is Very Durable.  We guarantee it to last 18 months under normal wear.  Easy to apply, dries in 1 hour.  Flexible and hard with outstanding shine. With 2 people from prep to completion of the job, just 5 hours on a 10,000 square foot floor.  1 coat is usually sufficient. VOC Compliant.

1 – 5-gallon Pail

5 or more 5-gallon Pails.

Special pricing if you order 5 or more pails.

Gym & Wood Floor Finish, sf222, Sport Kote 222sf, Sport Kote 222SF Gallon Case Price

Sport Kote 128SF

Original Quality Water-Based Gym Finish!  VOC compliant, no fumes.

The product is Very Durable.  We guarantee it to last 18 months under normal wear.  Easy to apply, dries in 1 hour.  The flexible, finish lasts with outstanding shine. With 2 people from prep to completion of a job in just 5 hours on a 10,000-square-foot floor.

1 – 5-gallon Pail

5 or more 5-Gallon Pails.

10 or more pails. Call for your special price.

Diamond Shine Finish

Diamond Shine Finish

DIAMOND SHINE Finish. Diamond Shine produces a tough, long-lasting base and a diamond-like, brilliant wet-look shine in an ultra-high-speed burnishing program.

This versatile finish made by Pioneer Eclipse Corporation is an outstanding choice for stores, school classrooms, and busy hallways.  We use it extensively to service Vinyl Composite Tile “VCT” flooring and highly recommend it.

A metal cross-linked, all-purpose, ultra-high speed (“UHS”) coating.


1/5 gallon Square Pail

Purchase of 5 or more pails- call for a discount.

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