Aztec ProScrub Auto Scrubber


  • 12 Gallon solution tank
  • 15 Gallon recovery tank
  • 3/4 hp Brush Motor/220 RPM
  • 1/2 hp 24-volt Vacuum Motor
  • 65 lb Scrubbing pressure
  • Pad holder or brush available
  • Reinforced 30″ steel squeegee
  • Power source 2-130 AH 12v Deep

Cycle Lead/Acid Batteries*

  • Easy access to key components for

simple maintenance

*Gel-battery package available


Aztec ProScrub Auto Scrubber

Aztec ProScrub Auto Scrubber:  Its superior pad pressure, long runtime, and easy maintenance make this machine that we use ourselves a smart, economical choice!  We guarantee it.

Delivery of Unit Complete with Pad Driver and Batteries